Full body integrative massage

Guided by my intuition and your feedback, practiced on a massage table, generally disrobed and draped, these sessions may integrate various techniques from my training (swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release, thai, shiatsu, pre-natal, etc…) 

These sessions are available at my home studio space near 45th & Osage, as well as at The Cedar Works (4919 Pentridge, ADA accessible) and occasionally at Studio 34.

Thai massage

Practiced in loose fitting clothes on the ground or a mat, this technique emphasizes compressions and assisted stretches and supported movements. Great for increasing some range of motion, or for clients who’d rather not disrobe.

Thai massage also offers great options for pregnant clients.

I generally offer Thai sessions out of my home studio space, or occasionally at Studio 34. In nicer weather, I can occasionally do this work outdoors in a park or your garden.

Chair / seated massage

I was surprised by how much I took to chair massage during our studies, where I was delighted to learn techniques to access most of the body from a massage chair. Added bonus is the ability to do this in public places, without the vulnerability of having clients lying down / disrobed. 

In the future, I hope to bring a chair massage station to places like SEPTA’s Hub of Hope and Broad Street Ministry to offer some pro-bono work to some of our most vulnerable neighbors. For right now, I’ve been able to offer some good therapeutic work in situations as simple as sitting above someone else on a set of outdoor steps, and this has been immensely helpful for a neighbor recovering from a concussion.

Hand massage

I don’t generally offer dedicated hand-massage sessions, but my colleagues & I have occasionally set up in the park on warmer days with a chair & hand massage combo station and can bring this setup to other venues.



If you’d like to work together after having reviewed the info above, get in touch via email: jj@jjtiziou.net or text message to 267-251-5464.