As my artistic practice has grown and I’ve taken on more ambitious projects, I’ve been grateful to have wise counsel from my community, and generous backers who support my work.

Advisory Board

  • ANNA DROZDOWSKI – Curator & Cultural Planner
  • JULIE GOODMAN – Associate Professor, Drexel University
  • VALERIES GAY – Executive Director @ Art Sanctuary
  • HANNAH SASSAMAN – Strategic Development Consultant, MMP
  • MIRIAM DECHANT – Director, Global Intellectual Property Academy @ USPTO
  • ANDY GREENHOW – Pastor & Theologian @ Presbyterian Church
  • KATI SIPP – National Managing Director, National Guestworkers Alliance
  • ANN & ALEX PELTZ – Principals @ Peltz Creative
  • ARIEL BEN-AMOS – City Planner
  • MELISSA MILLER – Creative Catalyst & Designer @ Sacred Brand

Backers, Participants & Helpers

Many amazing people have contributed to my work in a wide variety of ways:

  • Making contributions to crowdfunding campaigns or onetime donations.
  • Being photographed for my projects.
  • Volunteering time to make those projects happen.
  • Believing enough in my work to invest monthly in it.
  • Setting out to explore the city’s edge with us.
  • Attending house concerts and other events.
  • and more…

I’m grateful for all of them, and for you.

You can help create community experiences and public art projects that bring us closer together.