My rates are based on a fairly wide sliding scale in order to help me balance valuing my time and also making some discounted sessions available to those who need them.

Here is a real quick self-assessment that will help you decide how to interact with my sliding scale: 

  • How many people are you close to who have vacation homes or travel internationally? 
  • How many people are you close to who have been incarcerated or are unsheltered?

If you know more of the former than the latter, consider a higher end of the sliding scale between my ‘standard’ and ‘supporter’ rates.

If you know more of the latter, consider asking for the community or pro-bono sessions. 

If you have the means, you can even pay more than this top tier – I am often volunteering my time and investing in community projects and always fundraising to support that work, so every bit helps.)

I encourage you to pay as high a rate as you are able while also allowing you to make massage a regular part of your budget and self care practices.

Rates for full body sessions:

60 min$115$140+$65+$0
75 min$140$170+$75+$0
90 min$150$180+$85+$0
120 min$190$240+$110+n/a
180 min$280$360+$165+n/a
People who pay higher rates help me to provide care to others who require the discounted & pro-bono services.
Rates above the supporter rate also help sustain my public art & community projects.

Additional options:

  • Extend a full-body or Thai session by 15 min: +$20
  • Emergency relief / last minute scheduling: 2x rate
  • On-location / house calls: variable

Rates for on-site / special event chair massage:

$150-200/hr, 2hr minimum + transportation costs (including $25/hr for transportation time greater than 30mins)

Fees for transportation time & costs can be waived for all day events.

Gift Certificates:

A gift certificate for a massage is a *wonderful* thing to share with someone that you care about, and I’m always honored when folks entrust their loved ones to me in this way. I ask that folks use the ‘standard’ or ‘supporter rates on my sliding scale when purchasing gifts for others.

As of right now I don’t have an online gift certificate system, so the way to set this up is to send me some $$ (cash, check, @venmo$cashapp) and telling your friend that they’ve got a credit with me.

Make sure to connect us via text & email, and ask them to please take a look over info including FAQ & policies at before reaching out to schedule.

Guidelines & FAQ


If you’d like to work together after having reviewed rates, policies & FAQ, get in touch via email: or text message to 267-251-5464. When reaching out, please let me know a few times when I might be able to catch you for a quick ~5 minute introductory call before a first session working together.

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