Massage – covid-19

Massage during a pandemic:
Covid-19 requirements & precautions

In this new public health context, massage is not without risk. It is my intention to offer this service cautiously, with as many precautions as possible to minimize risk in order to keep us both safe and minimize transmission in our communities while providing much needed care to those who need it.

Requirements of clients:

  • Commit to following public health guidelines and minimizing your exposure risks with universal masking and sociable distancing.
  • Provide an honest assessment of your exposure risks.
  • Understand that in this context, I may not be able to offer all of the services that I’d like to everyone. If you have a higher exposure risk, an indoor table massage may not be an option. 
  • Make every effort to avoid any potential exposure risk like grocery shopping trips etc during the few days before our session.
  • Notify me immediately of any known exposures or changes to your exposure risk.
  • Prior to the session, if you or someone that you have contact with exhibit any symptoms of or are diagnosed with covid-19, notify me immediately for a no-cost cancellation / rescheduling.
  • If, within the week after our session, you or anyone you have contact with exhibits symptoms of or is diagnosed with covid-19, notify me immediately so that I can get tested and begin contact tracing. 

Protocol modifications: 

  • Masks required at all times
  • Hand sanitizer as you enter the building
  • Intake conversations will happen outdoors / on the phone beforehand so as to minimize unnecessary in-person time and conversation.
  • Use restroom at home before appointment
  • Table will have a pillowcase looped over the face cradle as an extra barrier
  • I will wear a new mask for each session
  • Bring your own water bottle, hydrate once off-premises
  • Studio space will have fans & HEPA air filter for air flow & purification
  • I will leave extra time in between clients to allow fans & filters to work
  • I will get tested for covid-19 regularly

Commitments to clients:

  • I commit to best practices for hygiene & infection-control including following CDC disinfection guidelines as well as AMTA & FSMTB’s covid-19 guidelines. 
  • I will maintain transparency about my own risk exposure
    (These currently include two housemates who work from home & take precautions seriously, may include an intimate partner at some point in the future, and also include outdoor masked distanced socializing, occasional brief time in stores, and of course, work with other massage clients who’re commiting to similar precautions.)
  • I commit to continue to minimize exposure risks and follow public health guidelines
  • I will notify you and cancel / reschedule if I or anyone that I have contact with exhibit any symptoms or are diagnosed with covid-19 prior to our session. 
  • I will notify you immediately if, within the week following our session, I or anyone that I have contact with any symptoms or are diagnosed with covid-19.



If you’d like to work together after having reviewed the info above, get in touch via email: or text message to 267-251-5464.