Massage during a pandemic:
Covid-19 requirements & precautions

In this new public health context, massage is not without risk. It is my intention to offer this service cautiously, with as many precautions as possible to minimize risk in order to keep us both safe and minimize transmission in our communities while providing much needed care to those who need it.

Vaccination status:

I’m fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and have a preference for my clients to be vaccinated.

That said, I understand that some folks have plenty of reasons for not being vaccinated. I’m happy to work with unvaccinated folk, but will take additional precautions to keep myself & my other clients and you as safe as possible.) Please let me know your vaccination status!

Requirements of clients:

  • Commit to following public health guidelines.
  • Provide an honest assessment of your exposure risks / don’t come in if you’re sick.
  • Prior to the session, if you or someone that you have contact with exhibit any symptoms of or are diagnosed with covid-19, notify me immediately for a no-cost cancellation / rescheduling.
  • If, within the week after our session, you or anyone you have contact with exhibits symptoms of or is diagnosed with covid-19, notify me immediately so that I can get tested and begin contact tracing. 

Protocol modifications: 

  • At this phase of the pandemic, I’m totally comfortable with my clients being unmasked, but I’ll wear one during all of my sessions – it feel like the new normal to help me keep from passing any germs to you.
  • Bring your own water bottle

Commitments to clients:

  • I will leave extra time in between clients to allow fans & filters to work
  • I commit to best practices for hygiene & infection-control including following CDC disinfection guidelines as well as AMTA & FSMTB’s covid-19 guidelines. 
  • I commit to follow public health guidelines
  • I will notify you and cancel / reschedule if I or anyone that I have contact with exhibit any symptoms or are diagnosed with covid-19 prior to our session. 
  • I will notify you immediately if, within the week following our session, I or anyone that I have contact with any symptoms or are diagnosed with covid-19.
  • Studio space will have fans & HEPA air filter for air flow & purification, home studio space can have windows open.

Guidelines & FAQ


If you’d like to work together after having reviewed ratespolicies & FAQ, get in touch via email: or text message to 267-251-5464. When reaching out, please let me know a few times when I might be able to catch you for a quick ~5 minute introductory call before a first session working together.

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