• Because every single human body is sacred and deserving of care. 
  • Because our spirit/mind is inextricably entwined with this meat/flesh that we are made of.
  • Because our bodies are asked to carry so much, and are given so few opportunities to be supported.
  • Because our world has so many screens and so many chairs, and we were not made for this. 
  • Because there are so many crises ( & urgencies, worries about the future, attachments to the past, etc) and massage is an opportunity to slow down & just focus on what’s going on right here, right now. 
  • Because, if the simple fact that it feels good weren’t enough, (which it is…) massage might help provide space for healing and transformation.



My name’s JJ Tiziou.

I’m a Licensed Massage Therapist based in West Philly. (LMT# MSG013959)

I came to massage via a circuitous route that meandered through coffeeshops and biochemistry labs, photojournalism and activism, a wedding photography career and a public art practice.

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I offer full body integrative massages, occasional Thai massage, chair/seated sessions, and occasional hand massage stations.

I’m working with a smaller group of trusted clients, committing to adhering to specific guidelines, and limiting some of my services until the pandemic is behind us. [ more info ]


How to prepare for your session, what to expect during it, what to do afterwards, and answers to other frequently asked questions… [ more info ]


Scheduling, cancellations, locations, gratuities, confidentiality, hygiene, etc… [ more info ]


I offer a sliding scale between my ‘standard’ and ‘supporter’ rates and some discounted and pro-bono community sessions. [ more info ]

Covid-19 requirements

In order to keep us both safe and minimize transmission in our communities, I’m working with some modified protocols, asking for specific commitments from my clients and offering a few of my own. [ more info ]


If you’d like to work together after having reviewed the info above, get in touch via email: jj@jjtiziou.net or text message to 267-251-5464.