Interactive public art experiences that bring people together, helping catalyze positive change.

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Making art to cultivate community

The participatory, celebratory experiences that I create build bridges across perceived boundaries and help encourage new relationships and ways of thinking.

Food for the soul

For over a decade, I’ve brought Philadelphians together through a series of house concerts and community gatherings.

You would be most welcome!

“Tiziou smartly blends the seriousness of social activism with the pleasure of person-to- person connection, and it is a joy to see his installations […] The world feels so splintered and out of joint that pieces with an emphasis on community and union feel necessary and timely. Tiziou proves that “individual” does not have to mean “separated,” and that the perception of “otherness” can be eased through common understanding.”


Hi there. My name’s JJ.

My primary media are photographic images and giant pots of lentil soup, and I have never encountered an un-photogenic person in my life.

At its heart, all of my work is about paying attention—looking & listening, noticing the beauty that is already present in the community and shining a light on it. I strive to create safe spaces and compelling frameworks to bring people in and to facilitate new connections.