For Fun-A-Day, I’ve been spending a few minutes of every day this month writing down some of the reasons why I’m troubled by my use of social media.

And posting them on social media.
(Facebook / Instagram / Twitter)

It’s a bit of a countdown, because I’m planning on deleting at least two out of three of those before I turn 40, which is next month.

Why delete them?

Well, if you read all 31 of my little writings, you’ll get a sense of it. (I’ve included some more below, but you’ll have to come to the show to see them all)

Why not delete all three?

Part of me is scared of making such a big jump. Part of me wants to still have a platform to make some noise & outreach for things like fundraising for my neighbors being unjustly evicted.

And, to be totally honest, part of me is flattered & vain that I’m one of the ~400 some accounts that @KristaTippett is “following” on Twitter – that was an ego-boost.

But that ego-indulgence of social media is part of the problem in the first place. And is that sliver of her attention worth holding on to Twitter? We’ll see. Way better than her tweets are to sit down and listen to her On-Being podcast, and I haven’t done that as much as I’d like to lately. Maybe scrapping all three would help me find the time?

No matter what, it’s always better in person, so…


I’ve been doing this little social media shutdown countdown for Fun-A-Day: where neighbors commit to a fun or creative practice for every day of January (like those swirls I made back in 2014), and then come together to share what they’ve made in a community art exhibit at Studio 34.

The show is one of my favorite W. Philly cultural events of the year, so I’d highly recommend catching it:

Feb 15 & 16 @ 4522 Baltimore Ave, 7-11pm.
RSVP here or just show up anytime.

The show will be in the middle of my 4th annual perimeter pilgrimage Walk Around Philadelphia, so I might be kind of exhausted, but def plan to be there for at least part of Friday night & maybe some of Saturday.

(This year, you’re also welcome to join me on a few legs of the walk, or come hear about it at my Feb 22 special shindig…)

Here’s almost all of them… to see the rest, come to the show!

(with apologies that my website theme doesn’t seem to play nice with the new wordpress gallery feature, so you might not be able to navigate easily between the images. Yet another reason to come see them in person, alongside all of the rad folks other folks are making.)