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“Tiziou smartly blends the seriousness of social activism with the pleasure of person-to- person connection, and it is a joy to see his installations […] The world feels so splintered and out of joint that pieces with an emphasis on community and union feel necessary and timely. Tiziou proves that “individual” does not have to mean “separated,” and that the perception of “otherness” can be eased through common understanding.”

—Alix Rosenfeld, Broad Street Review

Now, more than ever, we need artwork and projects that reach across perceived divisions, that inspire and cultivate community.

Your contributions help me develop projects like How Philly Moves & Paths of Understanding and produce events like my House Concerts where all are welcome regardless of means.

Please help me continue to create welcoming, inclusive celebratory community projects. Together, we can remind the world that everyone is photogenic!

Small recurring payments via my fiscal sponsor are most helpful, but one-time donations are welcome too.

I’d be grateful to have you on my team. Thank you.

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“I just changed my monthly donation to you to go through Fractured Atlas rather than paypal, and in the process took a moment to reflect on all the happiness you and your work bring to West Philly and the world. Many thanks to you for all the great work you do.”

–Jay Sand

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