The 10th Walk is complete…

2022 was a big year for Walk Around Philadelphia…

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January 26  Exhibit opening @ Schuylkill Center
Feb 1 virtual launch / info session

Weekend 1 ( Fri / Sat / Sun )

Feb 10 from 61st and Baltimore towards the airport 
Feb 11Around the airport 
Feb 11 – Happy hour / dinner at Player’s airport hotel bar 
Feb 12* – from the airport towards Pier 68/Navy Yard 

Weekend 2  ( Fri / Sat / Sun / Mon )

Feb 17from Pier 68 towards Bridesburg 
Feb 18from Bridesburg towards Torresdale 
Feb 19from Torresdale towards Somerton
Feb 20* – from Somerton towards Elkins Park 
Feb 20 – dinner at Cheltenham Ave H-Mart food court

Weekend 3 ( Fri / Sat / Sun )

Feb 24from Elkin’s Park towards the Schuylkill Center 
Feb 24 – evening event @ Schuylkill Center
Feb 25 – morning sendoff @ Schuylkill Center
Feb 25* – from the Schuylkill Center towards St Joe’s
Feb 25 – Happy hour / dinner at Landmark Americana
Feb 26* – from St Joe’s towards 61st and Baltimore 

March 1Ways of Walking event @ Schuylkill Center
March 2 virtual reportback
March 9 – virtual exhibit talk via @Schuylkill Center

April 1 Exhibit closing reception @Schuylkill Center

* Days marked with an asterisk will be “parade-style”, open to a larger group of walkers. Other days will have more limited capacity.

100 miles of adventure and discovery around the city’s edge:

Walk Around Philadelphia happens twice a year in February and September.

The walk is so many things – a way to connect to friends old and new; an opportunity to connect to aspects of the city that are familiar and totally unfamiliar all in the same walk.

– Utsav S.

You can join a group walk, organize your own (just follow the guidelines…) or hire me to facilitate a perimeter retreat for your organization.

Philadelphia is large and contains multitudes.

Walk Around Philadelphia is an opportunity for adventure and discovery close to home. It provides a physical challenge & sense of personal accomplishment. It cultivates civic pride & a humbling sense of scale. Along the way are opportunities to ponder themes of social & environmental justice, infrastructure & ecosystems, commerce & incarceration, indigenous history & colonization, privilege & access, and of course borders & boundaries. 

Along the city’s edge, one finds highways & waterways, ruined factories decaying & new housing being developed, a historic mansion alongside prisons. There are shipyards, scrapyards, graveyards and farmyards. Amidst beautiful parks are piles of storage units, and so much more. 

The oddly-shaped boundaries sometime follow the curves of waterways and other times arbitrary-seeming straight lines drawn by surveyors. In some places, there’s no visual difference between either side; in other areas the contrasts are stark. 

The project holds space for authentic connection between individuals who might otherwise not cross paths. Rare in our world are opportunities to walk side-by-side for long, uninterrupted periods of time, and the experience of setting out walking together is in many ways an inclusive one: One participant noted “How easily the numbers ebbed and flowed with people joining for parts of the walk and how accepting and welcoming everyone was when you “landed” in the group.”  

On the other hand, there are real barriers to participation ranging from accessibility issues to financial circumstances. These are the barriers that Walk Around Philadelphia has begun to address and will continue to as more resources become available. 

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Secret Mystery Bridge!
Walk Around Philadelphia intro video
Feb 2021 walk reportback

Partner for a program

I’ve developed a unique retreat offering and the walk can be an amazing addition to your organization’s programs.

One day, three day, and custom programs available.

On your own!

You can always undertake the walk on your own, although a group of four is recommended for safety.

Make sure that you follow the guidelines, and tell us about it when you’re done!

Get in touch with any questions not addressed in the FAQ.


Walk registration fees only cover a fraction of the administrative and logistical costs associated with facilitating the walk.

Additional contributions are most welcome; your support helps me continue to develop the project and make it more accessible to others.