• Register to join a group to walk with or sign up for the DIY/Anytime option.
    (recommended group size is 4 for safety)

  • If choosing the DIY/Anytime option, decide if you’re going clockwise or counterclockwise. Figure out where you will end your day’s walk and how you will get home.

  • You may want to assign a navigator for your group ahead of time. You can use the participant forums to discuss route-planning.

  • Designate an emergency contact who knows where you’ll be walking and is willing to come find you if you need support.


  • Find the way around the city’s edge that suits you, knowing that it may differ from the paths taken by others. 

  • Stay as close to the border as possible, within reason.

  • Prioritize your safety & obey the law at all times.

  • Treat all that you encounter with respect.

  • If you encounter an obstacle, simply walk around it.

  • Pick up at least one piece of trash along the way.

  • Be open to finding beauty in unexpected places.

  • Be open to fatigue, discomfort, pain, frustration too.

  • There is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.

  • Use smart devices for navigation & documentation as needed, but we highly recommended that you keep them in airplane mode & disable notifications so as to be fully present with your fellow pilgrims. You can share about it on social media later!


  • Mark your progress in the passport.  Plan for your next segment.

  • Share experiences & photos as you see fit. You can use the hashtag #WalkAroundPhiladelphia and tag @WalkAroundPhiladelphia on Instagram and @WalkAroundPhila on Twitter.

  • Send a reportback video response and/or a few images from your adventures to JJ to help support the project.

  • Make sure you’re getting updates for future Walk-Around-Philadelphia events and invites.


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