Date: Sunday, August 11, 2024 at 4:00 pm

Event Status: Available

We’ll walk a short segment of the Walk Around Philadelphia exploration of the city’s perimeter from Cherry Street Pier past Penn Treaty Park and towards Graffiti Pier. It’s an opportunity to contemplate borders & boundaries as well as all of the complexities of the city; ecology & infrastructure, development & decay, public & private spaces.

This is a 2-3 hour / 5-6 mile experience. Although the walk will begin and end at Cherry Street Pier, people who join are welcome to peel off as they see fit, at Graffiti Pier, Penn Treaty Park, or the Spring Garden SEPTA Station.

After the walk we can continue the conversation at Cherry Street Pier’s beer garden.

This is a little preview glimpse of the larger ~100-120 mile Walk Around Philadelphia circumnavigation of the entire city, which happens twice a year as an organized event in February & September, or you can sign up for the DIY/Anytime version.

The next full iteration of the walk will take place over four weekends (Fri/Sat/Sundays) Sept 6-29, with registration opening in July. Save the dates!


Approximate duration: 3 hours
Some uneven terrain — The majority of the path is easy well maintained paved with the a dedicated pedestrian walkway of the Delaware River Trail. Towards the end, there’s potential for some more adventurous off-roading.
Begins and ends at Cherry Street Pier, but you are free to choose your own adventure

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