I recently returned from a first visit to Sierra Leone, where this amazing patchwork sail is one of the first sights that greeted me.

In a country with very limited resources, I was constantly astounded by the resourcefulness of human beings, and their knack for finding innovative ways to make things work. I’ve already shared this image with my amazing kickstarter backers, because it reminds me of how beautiful it is that I’ve been able to patch all of their support together to continue the How Philly Moves series. If you weren’t part of this little revolution, there’s still ways to get involved with bringing this dream to life.

While this trip primarily served as a creative retreat, I’m particularly looking for more opportunities to work in West Africa in the next year or two. (Photographing, Teaching, etc..) — If you have any contacts in the region that I could be of use to, please put us in touch!