A talk to share:

I registered the domain name EveryoneIsPhotogenic.com back in 2009 because I needed a quick easy way to direct people to my little manifesto whenever I encountered a beautiful human who claimed not to be photogenic, or who misused that word when referring to someone else.

The site is just a simple one-page letter discussing the term and takes just minutes to go through, so you can reference it to anyone when needed.

If you’ve got a little bit more time, you can now supplement that discussion with this recording from TEDxFreeLibraryofPhiladelphia, which discusses the idea in a little bit more detail, with some context and even a fancy diagram of how to escape the ‘unphotogenic cycle’.

For a bit of inspiration on how powerful it can be to share this message, check out ‘Could even I be photogenic?’ (make sure you scroll all the way down for the second letter in that post – it’s pretty special too)

Hope you enjoy it!