How do we grow in understanding?

I’m working with the Interfaith Center to create a new public art project that challenges us to dare to understand each other: to bridge differences & create dialogue both between individuals of various religious affiliations, and between those who consider themselves religious & those who don’t, so that we might better work together in building the world that we want to live in.

Joining us at the table are the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program and WHYY among others.

As we develop the creative vision for this project, I’m seeking input from my community (and I mean that in the broadest sense, for anyone who’d be interested in contributing insights into this project.)

Share your insights:

Please fill out this form to help me shape this project.
Note: This might take a bit of time and reflection.

Please visit the form when you have at least a few thoughtful minutes to dedicate to it.
I look forward to learning from your responses.

Here’s the direct link:

Help me reach out:

Whose voices would you like to see represented in this project?

My tentative working title for this project is ‘Paths of Understanding‘. That’s both about the many ways that we humans have of understanding our relation to the larger world that we inhabit, and the many paths that we can take to reach greater understanding of each other.

I’ve set up the domain name to provide you with an easy way to direct people to this post & that form. For now, the domain just links back to this blog post. As you move through your day, if you encounter people who you think might have interesting insights to contribute to the project, please send them my way!

Join in this work:

If you filled out that input form,  I’ll keep you posted as the project moves forward.

In the meanwhile, if you’re in Philly, there are many other great ways to get involved with the Interfaith Center’s work; find out more on their website.

Outside of Philly, if you know any college students, I’d recommend directing them to InterfaithYouthCore, another pretty awesome organization doing great work.

And for your listening pleasure, I’d recommend Krista Tippett’s OnBeing podcasts; I’m very much inspired by her emphasis on learning how to ask more beautiful questions, and hope to integrate that idea into this project.

Underlying philosophy:

When I say that “Everyone is Photogenic“, it’s more than just about how we look in pictures.

The word literally means “light-generating”, and as such has the potential to become a deeper spiritual metaphor.

When we proclaim that everyone is photogenic, it is an invitation to a different way of seeing ourselves and our relation to each other. It is a reminder that everyone that we cross paths with has the potential to illuminate our lives. That we are all connected, and that our diversity can be an opportunity for collaboration.

I’d welcome your input into this new work.

Thank you.