Everyone is photogenic.
Here’s where you help me prove it…


I’ve scheduled my fall community portrait session for November 17/18/19.

You can sign up for a slot here: http://artful.ly/jjtiziou

These fun, informal events are great if you need a quick headshot…

… or mini fashion shoot…

… or want to make some fun family portraits…

… or celebrate a new family member. 🙂

I don’t do private portrait work the rest of the year anymore, so this is your one chance to get in front of my lens this fall.

The sessions are quick and informal, offered on a pay-what-you-wish / pay-it-forward / free–as–needed basis. There’s more information on how the sessions run here:

Sign up for a slot now!

If you know someone who could benefit from this opportunity, send them my way. If you want to help me continue to make opportunities like this available, I’d welcome your support as a backer.

Feeling hesitant about being photographed?
Here’s the Everyone Is Photogenic talk: