Date: June 16, 2023 to September 23, 2023

The new Walk Around Philadelphia exhibit  upstairs at Cherry Street Pier features images from the city’s edge created by artists who’ve set out to explore the city’s border on foot, alongside other artworks inspired by walking.

With an an expanded panorama of photographs from ~100 miles of the furthest reaches of the city's perimeter, the exhibit invites us to move our conception of the city from the central / business / historic districts out towards the margins and all that they hold. 

Since 2016, Walk Around Philadelphia has evolved into a citywide public program that has facilitated the exploration of the city’s furthest (and wildest) margins for hundreds of Philadelphians. 

Walk Around Philadelphia creates cultural events that bring people together in shared experiences that connect them to their own bodies, their neighbors, and the landscape of Philadelphia.

Through facilitated walks, exhibitions and narrative storytelling, the project uses the structure of exploring the city’s perimeter to engage with themes of borders and boundaries, privilege and access, social and environmental justice, infrastructure and ecosystems, commerce and incarceration, indigenous history and colonization and more.

The walk currently happens twice a year in February and September, along with offering retreat opportunities and other programming. The next walk will take place over four weekends (Fri/Sat/Sun) from Aug 25th – Sept 17th.

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Mon. – Thurs.:
12 pm – 9 pm

12 pm – 11 pm

11 am – 11 pm

11 am – 9 pm

Special Events 

Happy Hour Gallery Hours with JJ @ Cherry St Pier 
Thursdays August 24th & Aug 31st,  September 7th, 14th  & 21st

Friday September 1st – Post Walk drinks & snacks + First Friday @ Cherry St Pier 
Saturday September 2nd –  Pre Walk Send Off @ Cherry St Pier
Saturday Sept 23 – Pre Walk Send Off @ Cherry St Pier 
Saturday Sept 23 – Exhibit Closing @ Cherry St Pier 

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Upcoming Events

Exhibitions & Installations

  • How Philly Moves – mural at PHL
    from 13th Jun 2022 to 31st Dec 2025
    Check out the largest mural in Philadelphia (named one of the country's best public art projects by Americans for the Arts)

  • Walk Around Philadelphia: DIY on your own anytime
    from 1st Jun 2023 to 1st Jun 2030
    Excited about the walk and want to go out and do a segment on your own? Register here to get support materials and plug in to the larger community of perimeter walkers.