A new year begins…

photo by Lynda Hardy

Here we are in 2024, getting ready to set out on another round of winter walks around Philadelphia’s edge… and it was great to mark New Year’s Day with a walk on the western perimeter w/ members of the Cobbs Creek WeWalkPHL group and Ken Johnston of Walk to Freedom!

We also just installed a new exhibit of Walk Around Philadelphia photos at The Cedars House café on Forbidden Drive in the Wissahickon!

New exhibit:

Exhibit reception: January 20th, 4-6pm.
Optional walk beforehand!

Join us for a reception at The Cedars House on Saturday January 20th to check out an exhibit of images from the city’s edge.

There’ll be some optional walk adventures beforehand (starting at 2:30 from The Cedars House, and possibly a bonus longer walk up the Wissahickon starting ~1pm or 1:30pm from the Wissahickon Transportation Center)

The Cedars House is located at the very top end of the Wissahickon Valley Park in Chestnut Hill, where Forbidden Drive intersects the perimeter of Philadelphia at Northwestern Ave.

Since this exhibit is a bit smaller and more manageable than last summer’s huge exhibit at Cherry Street Pier, I was able to make geotagged labels for each image that show you where they were taken.

You can also check out the exhibit anytime that The Cedars House is open (9am-3pm on Fri/Sat/Sun) through the end of February (or possibly the first weekend of March.) It makes a great pit-stop for either a a walk in the Wissahickon or a walk along the city’s edge!

(And yes, there’s a DIY version of the walk that you can sign up for if you’d like to do the perimeter walk on your own or with your own group while still having opportunities connecting to connect to the growing community of Walk Around Philadelphia participants.)

Another bonus walk invite for MLK Day:

I’m also psyched to be joining the WeWalkPHL walkers on Monday Jan 15th for a walk on the Cynwyd Heritage Trail & Manayunk Bridge (11am-1pm) which will be another great opportunity to revisit the perimeter and prepare for the next iteration of Walk Around Philadelphia which gets into full swing Feb 2-19!

Find us at the finish:

Regardless of whether you’re able to join any of the upcoming Walk Around Philadelphia perimeter walk segments, you’re invited to join us on Saturday February 24th at The Cedar Works in West Philly for our Winter Walk Wrapup.

Just to be real clear:

  • The exhibit is at The Cedars House, which is in Chestnut Hill
  • The Winter Walk Wrapup is at The Cedar Works, in West Philly.
  • These are two completely different venues, and quite far from each other!