I’m very fortunate to be connected to a pretty amazing network of fantastic musicians. And it’s always exciting to see them take off from playing house concerts in our living room to go on and play huge festivals, be featured on NPR, and show up in the New Yorker etc…

Our next house concert isn’t until April 2nd, so this year, I’m celebrating my 32nd birthday with a pile of great music all over town, and a lot of yoga at Studio34 thrown in the middle. If you’re looking for something fun to do this coming Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday, here’s a bit of what’s on my radar. Come out and join us!

Hope to see you at some or all of the above…

Alternately, you could camp out at Tin Angel forever, because I also want to see the 1812 Productions Funny Valentine cabaret will be fantastic,  and Hoots & Hellmouth play two shows the very next night…

But wait, there’s more amazing things happening in West Philly!

  • Monday, 8pm — Mariposa Coop hosts a Valentine’s day dance party in their new space!
  • Wednesday, 7:30pm — Chiwoniso at Crossroads

After this little musical interlude, all my attention’s back to the journey to PIFA. Have you seen the second video yet?


While I’m enjoying all of this art and culture in Philly, the people who pick my food are still being exploited in the fields of Florida, so I’m also figuring out if I can go join in the ruckus in Tampa with the CIW. I’ll be missing out on the fun in Boston because I’ll be at the ASMP’s SB3 conference here in Philly (tell your photographer friends about it… it’s well worth checking out…).