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Philadelphia’s secret garden…


An elevated railway high above the city, filled with wild grasses. You may have heard of New York’s High Line Park, but this isn’t it. No, Philly has it’s own secret garden, and it’s kind of way cooler.
I was recently introduced to the full extent of the Reading Viaduct’s City and 9th Street branches by the folks at ViaductGreene…, and was amazed to discover the vast expanse of potential that is hidden in plain s

Three months in West Africa…


The year is off to a big start…
My adventures in Philly in the last year have mostly revolved around beautiful dancing Philadelphians through the many facets of my How Philly Moves project. But now it’s time to hit the road for a few months…
The image above was taken during the course of some earlier medical work… in Central America. I’m actually heading back that way this week, although it’s to Nicaragua to p

How Philly Moves: most recent shoots


The most recent How Philly Moves shoots were amazing, with over 140 additional Philadelphians being photographed over the course of an intense three days of community dance photo sessions. The video above should give you a sense of what a magical weekend it was.
An update is on the project website, along with news about the permanent exhibit in the baggage claim, and of course the massive mural… at the airport is complete. The project’