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The view from above…


Airport installation continues as the Mural Arts team has completed about one third of the How Philly Moves mural. This installation, featuring images of dancing Philadelphians, will welcome people as they enter the city along Interstate 95. Here’s a helicopter fly-by view from above, courtesy of our friends at the Big Picture Alliance. While you’re at it, check out what the press has to say… about Philadelphia̵

Fear not the rain…


We’ve had a lot of storms and rain lately, and Philadelphians are probably relieved to see sunshine on the forecast. While I like the sun, I’m always a little bit surprised to see how upset people can be by rain.
I was recently shooting in Manayunk, where we had a storm roll through our outdoor shoot. Some people might pack up and cower at a bit of rain, but luckily Brittany… is a kindred spirit who delights in nature and rain. (SheR

Travels in West Africa…


I recently returned from a first visit to Sierra Leone, where this amazing patchwork sail is one of the first sights that greeted me.
In a country with very limited resources, I was constantly astounded by the resourcefulness of human beings, and their knack for finding innovative ways to make things work. I’ve already shared this image with my amazing kickstarter backers…, because it reminds me of how beautiful it is that I’ve