Engage your community in delightful and thought-provoking ways.

I can support your community with:

Speaking Engagements

I can share a specific project or talk more broadly on my community work and the importance of proclaiming that everyone is photogenic.


Residencies provide an opportunity for me to immerse in your community to develop projects and ideas that best serve your needs.

Public art projects

I can help transform spaces in both temporary and permament ways that allow communities to feel seen, heard, celebrated and delighted.


Whether it’s to address diversity & body image issues or just to bring some beauty to your walls, I have existing bodies of work that can be shown in your gallery or public space in a variety of ways.


For the right partners, my projects provide the opportunity to support the creation of new work that is both aligned with your mission and that benefits the broader community.


Unique and inclusive community events are at the heart of my practice. If you need someone to help create magic space that brings people in, I can help.


I offer workshops on visual storytelling, basic photography technique, portraiture, dance photography and more.


I can bring new insights to your visual communication strategies, community engagement projects and public art initiatives.

My approach

No matter what project I’m embarking on, it always starts with intense observation and deep listening. I get to know you & your community to figure out what the needs and opportunities are and how my skills might best be of service. From there, whether it’s a major public art installation or a simple presentation & workshop, the work will always be rooted in the philosophy that everyone is photogenic.

Want to bring in fresh eyes and a creative approach for a project or experience in your community?

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Photo credits

Community paint day photo by Zachary Christman  •  Onstage conversation photo & “My approach” photo by Matthew Christopher Photography for NMAJH  •  Workshop at Philadelphia History Museum photo courtesy of Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance  •  All other photographs © JJ Tiziou