Thank you for participating in the walk!

Recording a short video reflection on your experience is a great way to process some of what you’ve experienced, and help share the walk with others.

Reflect on your own, or with a friend:

You can either record your own responses to the prompts below, or pair up with a fellow walker to interview each other.

Recording / Interview guidelines:

  • Find a quiet place to record with decent lighting, minimal visual clutter, and no background noise.
  • Record a video on your phone or laptop in horizontal (landscape) format. 
  • If using a laptop, please place it on a table rather than your lap so that it doesn’t bounce around! If using a phone, you can prop it up on a table or shelf.
  • Imagine that you’re talking to JJ, or to a prospective walker, and respond to the prompts below however you’re inspired. 

If interviewing a fellow walker via zoom:

  • Make sure that you’ve actually started recording the conversation before diving in.
  • Make sure to give them time to fully express their thoughts / recollections; it’s helpful to have a moment of pause rather than rushing to the next question or jumping in with your own interjection.
  • Consider muting yourself in between prompts to allow for better audio quality.

Please respond to the following prompts:

It’s helpful to answer in full sentences that reflect the prompt/question; for example “I chose to participate in Walk Around Philadelphia because… ” can be a more useful video/audio clip for us to share the walk than just starting the sentence with “Because….”

  • Please Introduce yourself
  • Talk about your relationship to Philadelphia
  • Talk about why you participated in the perimeter walk
  • Talk about what the experience was like
  • Talk about any highlights
  • Talk about any challenges
  • Talk about walking in general
  • Talk about how the perimeter walk impacted you
  • Talk about whether you’d do it again and why
  • Talk about who else you’d like to see participate in the walk
  • Talk about ways the walk might be made more accessible to others
  • Talk about anything else you’d like to share with people considering undertaking the walk. 
  • Thank you!

Sharing the recording:

  • When done with your reflection, make sure the filename includes your name (and the name of your fellow walker if you did a paired interview) and then upload it to the 2024 Winter Walk media dropbox
  • You can also upload it to youtube and/or your other favorite sharing platforms & send it to your friends to encourage them to participate in future iterations of the walk.

Thank you!