Share your images & videos with your fellow walkers:

You can upload photos & videos that you’d like to share to the 2024 Winter Walk media dropbox.

BEFORE UPLOADING: create a folder with the segment that you walked and your name; that will help us keep track of the images, and help your fellow walkers find images from the segments that they participated in.

Sharing your images & videos with your friends & the wider community:

When sharing media & stories from your perimeter walk adventure, please include links to to direct interested folk to future iterations of the walk.

There are also an occasionally used social media accounts for the walk that you can tag (@WalkAroundPhiladelphia on Instagrump – you can also use the hashtag #WalkAroundPhiladelphia.

I generally try to avoid feeding the algorithm & advertising based corporate monsters of (anti)social media, so the website & email list will remain the best ways to get invites & info about future walk programs.