Walk guidelines

  • Organize a group to walk with (recommended group size is 4.)

  • Prepare for the walk by examining the city perimeter on a map and noting its surroundings.

  • Pick a starting point on or near the city’s border.

  • Decide if you’re going clockwise or counterclockwise.

  • Choosing start & stop points near public transportation is encouraged.

  • Stay as close to the border as possible, within reason.

  • Find your own way around the city, knowing that it may differ from the paths taken by others. 

  • Prioritize your safety & obey the law at all times.

  • If you encounter an obstacle, simply walk around it.

  • Pick up at least one piece of trash along the way.

  • Be open to finding beauty in unexpected places.

  • Be open to fatigue, discomfort, pain, frustration too.

  • Remember: there is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.

  • Plan on disconnecting from tech & communication devices as much as possible.

  • Keep an eye on the map & figure out where you will end your days’s walk & how you’ll get home. You may want to assign a navigator for your group ahead of time.

  • Designate an on-call emergency contact who knows where you’ll be walking and is willing to come find you if you need emergency support.
  • You can use smart devices for navigation & documentation, but it is highly recommended that you keep them in airplane mode & disable all other notifications so as to be fully present with your fellow pilgrims and your experience of the walk. You can share about it on social media later!
  • Enjoy the walk! This is a very specific instruction that is not dependent on external circumstances. The word ‘enjoy’ literally means to bring joy into a situation. Can you enjoy the walk, even as your feet blister and the rain pours down on you, and you find yourself making a giant detour around an obstacle?
  • Save the date for the October 4th reportback event (4pm on Zoom!) Be ready to submit some video responses & upload a few photos in advance (deadline for inclusion: 9am Oct 1.) 


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