TLDR: I’m offering an “organize-your-own-group-and-choose-your-own-adventure” version of the perimeter walk in conjunction with the Fringe Festival.

Details, FAQ & registration link here.

Mysterious landscape near the city’s edge in NE Philly

Since it’s origins in 2016, Walk Around Philadelphia has continued to evolve and grow, reverberating through my life and that of my collaborators.

Finding our way towards the finish-line on the last half-day leg of the walk in February…

As I’ve continued the walk as an annual personal pilgrimage (completing my fifth 100-mile walk around the city’s edge this February) I’ve also continued to find ways to invite others into it, varying from small groups to the nearly twenty who joined me on the last leg of this year’s February walk.

Preparing for departure (on foot!) from PHL International Airport (photo: Liana Brent)

I’ve enjoyed playing tour guide and leading others along the way, but also value what happens when a small group undertakes this exploration on their own, finding their own way around the city.

Follow the leader or find your own way ’round…?

And so, it seems only natural to offer a distance-facilitated version of the walk for this year’s Fringe Festival.

It’s both a natural growth of this project as it seeks ways to invite more people into relationship with the city’s edge, and a great opportunity for an ‘in-real-life’ option for this year’s Festival in time of pandemic.

Registration includes a perimeter-walking kit for four with this super cool perimeter-passport and other goodies:

Each registration includes a perimeter kit for four walkers with limited-edition perimeter passports, reflective safety belts, ID lanyards & other goodies…

Participants will also have access to a password-protected section of this website for additional online resources.

A special virtual reportback event on the last day of the Festival (Sunday Oct 4th) will allow us to ‘gather’ to share what we’ve discovered and celebrate what we’ve accomplished.

A sign found near the Schuylkill River part of the perimeter (photo by Ky Mettler)

Registration fees are sliding scale to allow for a broader range of participation. Limited stipends of $100/day up to $500 / person are available to help make the walk more accessible.

My goal is to raise $10k for this year’s walk and I would welcome your support in order to help me continue to grow this project and make it accessible to others.

Visit for more details, guidelines, FAQ and the registration link. Press release materials are available here.

Thank you for sharing this invitation with anyone that you think might enjoy it!