Here’s the scenario:

I found myself standing on the edge of a lake in upstate New York.

It was starting to be springtime, but the lake was still icy cold from the winter.

I wasn’t quite ready…  I wasn’t sure that it was a good idea… I was wearing my pajamas…

… but it felt like it was time, so I jumped in.

photo by my awesome housemate Sam

That water was cold!

It was a bit of a shock.

Somewhat disorienting and overstimulating.

And invigorating and awesome.

This is kind of how I feel right now:

photo by my awesome housemate Sam

I just took another plunge, launching a 30 day campaign to fund a large scale community portrait project.

It’s big, it’s scary, it’s potentially awesome, and there’s certainly a decent likelihood that it might not come near the ambitious funding goal needed to move forward with it.

I may not have been as ready as I’d have liked to when I hit launch, but I jumped on into it anyways.

What happens next? That’s up to you…

If, like me, you think that the idea that everyone is photogenic is a powerful one and important to share, then I hope that you’ll join the other beautiful folk who are already backing this project. For a bit more info, check out the video below.