Walk Around Philadelphia is the the 2020 Philadelphia Fringe Festival experience facilitated by artist JJ Tiziou that will transform participants’ understanding of the city.

Completing the entire perimeter has taken, on average, ~100 miles over 5.5 days. The walk can be broken into smaller segments and completed over months or years. Groups are self-organized, choose their own routes, and can undertake the walk on their own time.

Participants will be provided a four person perimeter-walking kit that will include limited-edition perimeter passports, printed maps, reflective safety belts and more. Online content will provide additional maps and resources.

Registration is sliding scale to support a breadth of participation, and a limited number of stipends up to $500/person will be made available to help make the walk accessible to those needing to take time away from income-earning activities to participate.

A special virtual reportback gathering on October 4th will bring all of the participant groups together to share what they’ve discovered and celebrate what they’ve accomplished.

Tickets are available at FringeArts.com starting August 1st.