Osage Ave House Concert

In continuing to host musical gatherings in my home, I wanted to share a few dates with you:

March 21:

Jacob Augustine (Maine)
Griff’s Room (Richmond)
Mosno Al-Moseeki (Baltimore)

April 25:

Eli Conley (San Francisco)
Josh Marcus & Chenda Cope (Providence, & Philly)
Arsena Schroeder (Charlotesville)

I’m now using Artful.ly as my ticket/RSVP platform, so you can RSVP directly and see  future event listings at:


You can also get a bit more info about the series, find Facebook invites, FAQ for performers or sign up for a houseconcert-specific email list at: jjtiziou.net/houseconcert.

You’d of course be most welcome. And a guest. But within reason!
(Apparently there’s some fellow who makes a habit of inviting his network of hundreds to parties in flashmob-style, and they recently trashed a friend’s house, breaking windows and pillaging cupboards… that’s simply not cool.)