This is Makoto Hirano, whose performance of ‘Boom Bap Tourism’ will take place this Thursday and Friday at the Painted Bride as part of the Post-Op Festival. His work ranges from dance to spoken word to physical theater, and this solo show is sure to be fascinating.

a loosely autobiographical performance work that journeys through the life of a Japanese-American former B Boy/illegal firearms-dealer/gangbanger/U.S. Marine (in that order), delivering monologues that transform into slam poetry and modern dance that puts pop-and-lock style movement front and center.

Thursday Jan 20: [free]
10:30am and 7:00pm

Friday Jan 21: [free]
1:30pm and 7:pm

There are morning shows and evening shows, and the entire festival is Free / Donation based, so you should hopefully be able to catch it. Check out the trailer for the show, or make reservations here.

Makoto also happens to be one of the facilitators for Artists U.

I was fortunate to work with him through Artists U last year and his insights were invaluable. They are now running Planning Mondays, free one hour consultations for artists every Monday. Most of us artist-types spend too much time going-it-alone, and getting an outside perspective from someone familiar with the challenges that artists face is incredibly helpful. Someone that you know will benefit from this, so pass it along: details and signup are here.

Hope to see you at Makoto’s show!