As my artistic practice has grown and I’ve taken on more ambitious projects, I’ve been grateful to have wise counsel from my community, and generous backers who support my work.

Advisory Board

  • ANNA DROZDOWSKI – Curator & Cultural Planner
  • JULIE GOODMAN – Associate Professor, Drexel University
  • VALERIES GAY – Executive Director @ Art Sanctuary
  • HANNAH SASSAMAN – Strategic Development Consultant, MMP
  • MIRIAM DECHANT – Director, Global Intellectual Property Academy @ USPTO
  • ANDY GREENHOW – Pastor & Theologian @ Presbyterian Church
  • KATI SIPP – National Managing Director, National Guestworkers Alliance
  • ANN & ALEX PELTZ – Principals @ Peltz Creative
  • ARIEL BEN-AMOS – City Planner
  • MELISSA MILLER – Creative Catalyst & Designer @ Sacred Brand

Backers, Participants & Helpers

Many amazing people have contributed to my work in a wide variety of ways.

Some have made contributions to crowdfunding campaigns or made onetime donations. Some have been photographed for my projects. Some have volunteered time to make those projects happen. Some have believed enough in my work to invest monthly in it. I’m grateful for all of them, and for you.

Below is a list of the generous folks who’ve made contributions to support my work recently.

This list is far from complete, as some folks have made cash or in-kind contributions that I haven’t been able to track easily. If you know of a name that is missing here, please get in touch.


Adams Berzins Aimee Ando Alan Ens Alberto Pagan-Ramirez Alexandra Jones Alexandra Wolkoff Alon Hafri Amanda Chudnow Amanda DeLeo Amanda Hagg Anastasia Shown Andrea Alvarado Urbina Andrea Conaway Andrew Greenhow Andrew Wilkowski Andy Hunter Anna Osmukhina Anne Darku Anonymous Ariel Ben-amos Bi Jean Ngo Brian Rudnick Brooke Brehm Bula Bula Caitlin Gillespie Carlos Roa Carly Rapaport-Stein Carmen Hunter-Anderson Carol Johnson Carolyn Chernoff Carolynne Martin Carrie Rathmann

Chandrea Lack Christina Bozarth Christina Jackson Clifford Schwinger Conrad Erb Crystal Eiswert Cynthia Hopkins Dan Comly Daniel Aldea Danielle Siwek Dara Donolow Dave Maynard David Chin David Juncos David Norse David Stone David Swift David Timony Debora King Dianne Forte Dr. Whitney Postman, Ph.D. Edward Snyder Elinor Grassie Elizabeth Beiersdorfer Elizabeth Doherty Elizabeth Piersol Schmidt Elysa Voshell Eric Strauss Erica Cheslock Erica Maxwell Felicia Knise Fola Afolayan

Francesca Boyd Frank McNulty Fred Andersen Fred Shaykis Genevieve Coutroubis Girish Nair Hannah de Keijzer Hannah Lorenzo Hannah Mayer Ira Blum Iva Baird Ivy Kumi Jacqueline Lewis Jan Marie Steele Jane Kauer Janelle Ardrey Jeannine Baldomero Jen Yuan Jenn Gonsalves Jennifer Kertis-veit Jessica Davis Ji sun Chong Jonathan Blumenfeld Joselle Palacios Judith Sachs Julia Sturniolo Julie Golderer Julie Goodman Justine Bacon Karen Getz Karina Ambartsoumian Clough Karina Kacala

Kate Tejada Kati Sipp Katie Horton Katie Monroe Katie Reing Katie Seternus Kevin Moran Kris Eden Kristin Maguire Kristina Lebo Larissa Mogano Laura Smith Laura Vriend Leah Stein Lee Garner Lily Ho Lisa Kramer Lisa Modica Liz Green Lula Jones Mara Taylor mara Toukatly Marcie Wood Mark Dunn Mark Schneider Marta Sicinska Mary McCool Megan Murphy Mekenzie Williams Melissa Patti Melissa Byrne Melissa St Pierre

Merian Soto Michael Reilly Michele T. Taylor Mira Treatman Mo Lally Mo Manklang Myra Bazell Nancy Golumbia Nancy Kohn Nicki Pombier Nika Shakhmuradova Noga Newberg Nora Quinn Paige Moore Pamela Draper Pauline de Tholozany Pedro Molteni Peter Giovinco Polly Macintyre Portia Hunt Rachael Schechter Rachel Beal Rachel Buurma Rachel Profeta Risa Waldoks Robin Evans Ross Currie Ryan Crocetto Ryan Janda Ryan Kuck Ryan Woodward Samantha Melamed

Sara Francesconi Sarah Bishop-Stone Sarah Hallowell Sarah Noble Sarah Zlotnik Selah Lynch Sharon Mullally Sharp Hall Shauna Swartz Shawn Markovich Stanley Pokras Stephan Matanovic Stephanie Harmelin Sue Gerber Sue Maynard Susan Frank Suzana Berger Suzanne Anderson Talia Young Tamanya Garza Tamara Gerber Terrilyn McCormick Tom Lussenhop Tony LaSalle Tracy Hawkins Valerie Gay Vanessa Jerolmack Wei-Yin Ko Whitney Postman William Miller Ximena Violante Yael Eytan Zachary Christman

You can help create community experiences and public art projects that bring us closer together.