Walk reportback process

Thank you for participating in Walk Around Philadelphia!

STEP 1: Record your response to the prompts below

You can record a selfie video (preferably horizontal) w/ a phone or computeror have a friend record you over zoom.

Please keep your responses concise – a few sentences for each of the prompts is plenty. As best you can, try get decent lighting & audio.

  • Introduce yourself & relationship to Philadelphia
  • Talk about why you participated in the perimeter walk
  • Talk about what the experience was like
  • Talk about a highlight
  • Talk about a challenge
  • Talk about walking in general
  • Talk about what the perimeter walk meant for you / how it impacted you
  • Talk about whether you’d do it again and why
  • Talk about what you’d like to like to see happen with the project next / in the future
  • Talk about anything else you’d like to share with people considering participating in the perimeter walk.

STEP 2: Upload your response & any other photos/videos you’d like to share:

  • Name the file with your response to the prompts like this: “Firstname_Lastname_Fringe2020_response”
  • Access this google drive folder and create a subfolder with your name.
  • Upload your response file, and any other favorite photos / video clips from your experience of the walk to that folder w/ your name.
  • Do this by end of day October 1 for inclusion in the reportback, but you can always share more later, especially if you do more perimeter walking.

STEP 3: Complete the post-walk survey:

Take a few moments to complete this short post-walk survey once you’re done your walk for this season.

If you plan on continuing to walk later on, I’d appreciate if you completed the survey & reportback video now while the experience fresh in your mind, and then submit another response later when you’re done the whole thing!

STEP 4: Stay tuned for what’s next…

I’ll invite a few folks along to my next walk in mid-February and hope to offer another public invite next September with even more resources.

To make sure that you get future updates and invites, please make sure to jj@jjtiziou.net to your address book and to sign up for the mailing list.