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Spring house concert:


Our next house concert will feature some special international flavors… Sofia Talvik is coming all the way from Sweden! Umer Piracha‘s new ensemble Falsa¬†will bring some Pakistani influences, and Philly’s own Adornment will kick off the evening. It’s Saturday April 29th. You’d be most welcome. As per usual, I’ll make some lentil soup and have some festive beverages to share. RSVP here, or go to th

If you cook it, they will come…


Happy springtime! A quick story to share with you about some impromptu small-scale community organizing: As the warmer approached, I figured that it was time to do a spring bbq with my housemates. Which we’d generally do on our back deck. But then I¬†decided to invite the whole block. Would they come? I know a lot of folks in the neighborhood, but not that many of the folks on my own block. There’s a couple apartment buildings, and…