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Walk AROUND Philadelphia


What does it mean to walk around a city? I’m not quite sure, but I’m doing it this week. To be specific, there’s four of us, walking the entire perimeter of Philadelphia over the course of a week. We’d (optimistically) hoped to do it in just four days, but the way that things are looking, it’ll take part of a fifth to wrap it up. Who’s doing this? Why? And why in the dead of winter? Some context is below, as wel…

The Million Picture Giveaway (update)


I’m continuing to give away my images Around this time last year, during JJ Tiziou Photography’s first annual Special Shindig, I announced the Million-Picture Giveaway: a yearlong initiative to make my entire archive available for free high res download to the communities that I’ve photographed through the years. Why? The reasoning behind this is somewhat complex. For in-depth context, read the announcem