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Be safe, be involved.


A broken bottle, a pool of blood, and a bloody trail leading across ¬†four blocks of my neighborhood is not what I like to find first thing in the morning. I’m not quite sure what happened here, but by 9am the firemen had already hosed it all away. This, combined with the recent rape & robbery at 48th and Springfield are important and immediate reminders of two things: Be safe. We live in a city, and it is not without its dangers. The 48t…

Shale Gas Outrage


That’s Dana Dolney. Those breasts of hers are fake. I first met Dana in the airport in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, back in 2002, long before her battle with breast cancer. I was thrilled to see her back in good health, joining the throng of citizens in the streets of Philadelphia for last week’s Shale Gas Outrage, demanding that our drinking water be protected from the carcinogens and other toxic chemicals that are being injected in…