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Whoever you are, know this: I’d be delighted to connect with you.

You’d be most welcome to the house concerts that I’ve been hosting in West Philadelphia for over a decade. Or you could stop by for Open Studio Tours, participate in a community portrait session, or help shape one of my next projects.

What do house concerts and something like How Philly Moves have in common? Both are about creating safe, inclusive, celebratory spaces where all are welcome.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in being a part of, the best way to get invites is to sign up for my mailing list.

House Concerts

For over a decade, I’ve been hosting a music series in my home in West Philadelphia.

Performers have included a 6-piece country band, a tango quintet, a Balkan a-cappella quartet, a harpist-songwriter, a hip-hop poetry set and more…

“There’s nothing else quite like what he has set up [anywhere in the country] – For him to curate these events and have all of these people trust him, and then you play for all of these really attentive people who love music, it’s a real gift.”

– The David Wax Museum

Open Studios

I generally participate in Philadelphia Open Studio Tours every fall, when you can come visit my space at The Cedar Works alongside those of other artists.

The Cedar Works also hosts a winter craft fair, and I sometimes host other open studios just for my community. Come visit sometime!

Community Portrait Days

Every once in a while, I host special community portrait days at my studio space.

These are pay-what-you-wish events that are great for folks who need a quick headshot or family portrait.

Remember: Everyone is Photogenic.

Workshops & Talks

I love sharing my work with others through workshops and talks. These events always give me a chance to learn new things too!

Many of the workshops & presentations that I give are invite-only for specific audiences, but sometimes they’re open to the public, and when they are I’ll let you know!

Screenings & Exhibitions

Most likely, there won’t just be art on the wall. There’ll probably also be a giant pot of lentil soup on the stove, and some hot cider too!

I host screening events to share recent project work, and of course you’re invited to reception events whenever I have work exhibited.

Community Input Sessions

The Image of Yoga began with a discussion forum to help shape the project and inform how a corporate sponsorship could best serve the community. Paths of Understanding began with a community reflection that you can still participate in.

There’ll be more opportunities to help develop my work, and I’d appreciate your input.

Participatory Projects

Many of the projects that I’m involved with have opportunities for your direct participation. That might mean being photographed, telling a story, meeting some neighbors, or sharing some new experience.

Most of my work wouldn’t exist without all of the beautiful people who’ve participated in it. Maybe you’ll be part of one of my next projects?

Special Shindig

This annual festive event is an opportunity for me to gather my community & celebrate some of the work that we’ve done while sharing food & drink & music.

It generally happens in February/March, and I’d love to see you there!

Photo credits

Soup-making photo by Risa Waldoks  •  Workshop photo by Joel Ryder  •  Photo of JJ photographing yoga by Judi Levin  •  All other photographs © JJ Tiziou