Call for Philadelphians who love to dance…


When I started How Philly Moves in 2008, I don’t think that I’d fully realized what an amazing project it was going to be.  And I am so excited to be continuing it this winter! 
[more info and signup on the HPM site]
What makes HPM amazing is that so many different beautiful humans have come from all over the city to share their love of dance.
They’ve come from every zip code, bringing bodies of all ages and sizes, sh…

Lessons from a “failed” Kickstarter


Happy autumn!
It’s been over a month since the funding campaign for my Everyone Is Photogenic project failed to reach it’s goal.
While it  certainly could be disappointing to see over $38,000 pledged to support my work disappear, the campaign was successful in a few other ways, and was very informative. Below are a few reflections on the campaign, lessons that I learned, and what might come next.
While the…

EIP Press Roundup…

The simple yet powerful message of Everyone Is Photogenic has been building some buzz.
Please check out and share a few of these links as we head into the final crunch time to fund the project. And remember that even if the project doesn’t cross the kickstarter threshold, the message is still valid and worth sharing. If you ever hear someone claim that they’re “not photogenic”, you’ll always be able to share…

“Could even I be photogenic?”


I got an email today that blew my mind a little bit.
It simultaneously made me so sad and so happy.
I could talk your ear off about why I think that the idea that everyone is photogenic is important, but really this email that I got today pretty much crystalizes exactly why this project is needed.
Here’s what I received:
[the message title was "Could even I be photogenic?"]
Hello Mr. Tiziou,
I attend Broad Street Ministry and Word at Beacon c…

Campaign Launch: Everyone Is Photogenic!


Here we go!
I’ve just launched the campaign for my 10th anniversary project. I’m really excited about the potential of this project., so I hope that you’ll check it out and share it far and wide. This video should give you an idea of what I’ve got in mind…

It’s my hope that this project can start a bigger conversation around how we (mis)use the word “photogenic”. Even if you don’t eve…

First test: Everyone Is Photogenic


I’ve been talking about the idea that ‘everyone is photogenic‘ for a while now; as my little business prepares to celebrate its tenth anniversary this fall, I’m almost ready to launch a special portrait project that directly addresses this theme. 

In all of my million+ photos, I’ve never encountered someone that wasn’t beautiful. But I’ve encountered enough people who thought of themse…

March for Rights, Respect & Fair Food – quick reportback


I’ve recently returned from an amazing week documenting the later half of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers’ 200-mile March for Rights, Respect and Fair Food. 
I’ve been photographing the work that the CIW has done for human rights in the agricultural industry since 2003, but this is the first time that I’ve been able to do this kind of work in the community-supported way that I’ve long dreamed of. Huge t…

A few exciting publications…


Happy new year!
I hope that your new year is off to a great start. Maybe you’ve gotten off to a running start like Anna here, or are beginning with a more measured pace, but whatever 2013 brings for you, I hope that you find in it beauty, peace and balance. I’m looking forward to a lot of great things in the coming year, but I wanted to start by sharing a few recent publications that I’m excited about.
The image above was shot to i…

Meet Megan!


This is Megan. She works here!
As JJ Tiziou Photography has grown, it’s become really important to have some support on the back-end of things rather than trying to do it all myself. I’m really excited to be working with Megan, and I know that you’ll enjoy your interactions with her too.
Much of her work is behind the scenes, handling admin and generally helping me keep my brain together. Some of you may be hearing from her in…

How Philly Moves: most recent shoots


The most recent How Philly Moves shoots were amazing, with over 140 additional Philadelphians being photographed over the course of an intense three days of community dance photo sessions. The video above should give you a sense of what a magical weekend it was.
An update is on the project website, along with news about the permanent exhibit in the baggage claim, and of course the massive mural at the airport is complete. The project’…

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