Secret abandoned mystery bridge (the Roomba Rule wins again!)

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      So while walking the NE Philly segment yesterday, I encountered an obstacle. There was a way that I wanted to go to follow the Poquessing Creek a little bit more closely, through a part that I’ve walked before and know is doable, but given the angle that I was coming at it I found myself blocked. And so, I applied the Roomba Rule, and simply continued clockwise, doing a long detour around where I wanted to be.

      I was a bit annoyed. A bit frustrated with finding myself heading *away* from the perimeter instead of *towards* it. Grumble grumble. And then I got over it, accepted where I was, and just kept on walking, enjoying discovering a new little corner of Philadelphia.

      Ok, maybe I didn’t get over it completely. There were still a few grumbles. This is par for the course on the walk.

      AND THEN, because I was coming from this different route, I found myself walking through a place that I thought I knew, but from a different angle, which led me to walk by a part that I wouldn’t have otherwise walked by….

      and noticing something curious…

      … and discovering a secret abandoned mystery bridge!

      This is par for the course too. The Roomba Rule always wins – you can find your way around any obstacle, and every obstacle will shape your walk into a unique journey of discovery.

      Walk on,

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