A rough and informal list of links to artists that have played Osage Ave House Concerts in the past, along with a couple rough videos (crappy video, but halfway decent audio…)

If you’re looking for some new music or great gift ideas, browse the links below!


Stefan Honig

Actin Bell

Gillian Grassie

Sarah Donner

Early Dawn

Marc Silver & The Stone Throwers

Nervous But Excited


Pearl and The Beard

ReadNex Poetry Squad

Shakey Lyman

Scott Pryor

Hey Mama

Oscuro Quintet

David Wax Museum

Gillian Grassie

The Oubliette Ensemble

Pearl and The Beard

The Rit-Mo Collective

Monica McIntyre

Andrea Wittgens


Dead River Company

Hot Coffee, Mississippi

The Sisters Three

The Dead River Company

Dawn Webster & Galata Ensemble

Black Sea Hotel

Sweets and Hots

Amy Pickard / Jeb Lewis / Aaron Dunlap

Jess Yoakum


Barn Burning

Brown Bird

Joshua Marcus

Devin Greenwood

Scott Pryor

Joe Not Joe

Birdie Busch

Kevin Holland



Joshua Marcus

Eakins Vocal Consort

Scott Pryor

Nervous But Excited

Clide vs Crocodiles

Cheese on Bread

Read Heart The Ticker

Barn Burning

Vivian Linden