My events are generally held at 4531 Osage Ave.

This is my home and you are welcome; please remember that this is not a real venue and does not have a dedicated event staff, so my housemates and I greatly appreciate your help in keeping things tidy and running smoothly.

How to get there:

It’s two blocks from either the #42 bus or #34 trolley, and an 8 min walk from the 46th & Market El stop. For help, you can use SEPTA’s travel planner¬†or Google Maps. If you’re driving, street parking is generally available.

What to expect:

A cozy gathering of your neighbors. Some food and drink in good company. Warm, intimate sets of music, just for you.

The general format goes like this: We usually start at 7 with a brief period to settle in and grab food/drink, followed by a set of beautiful music. Then a little snack / bathroom break, another set of music, another break and a third set. After that, you’re welcome to hang out, and we really appreciate help with the clean up too.

These events are a great opportunity to meet neighbors and make connections. They’re also primarily listening parties, and it’s respectful to the musicians to start each set with everyone’s quiet attention. At the end of each break, please help me gather everyone back together for the next set.

What to bring:

Contributions are welcome, but mostly bring your lovely self. And friends are welcome, please just ask them to RSVP.

Most events are on a sliding scale contribution basis. Some food and drink will be provided, and we’ll give the musicians some cash for their time. To that end, we’ll take up a collection to help cover costs and support the performers. While no cover charge is enforced so that these events can truly be accessible to all, your generous support helps make these events more sustainable. If you’d also like to bring food and/or drink to share, that’s great too. But even (and especially) if your pockets and belly are empty, come, as you are always welcome.

Basic rules:

Please be respectful of the house and housemates, fellow guests and neighbors, and obviously keep it legal.

When performances are in progress, please keep conversations to the front and back porches. When the rest of the audience is being perfectly silent, even a whispered conversation at the back of the house will carry, and is disrespectful of the performers… not to mention that I’m a little hyper-sensitive to it to the point of OCD, and would rather not spend my evening feeling compelled to shush you.

Please remember double check the invite details:

Start times may vary and I may occasionally will host events at Studio 34, Christ Church Neighborhood House, or other spaces depending on logistics.