My father’s collections…


Long before I was a photographer, my father was one.
He specialized in the aerospace industry, and chronicled a large part of mankind’s quest to explore space.
Over the course of his career, he’s amassed an impressive archive… of both historical documents and collectible memorabilia from the space program.
Now, as he transitions into retirement, we’re looking for new homes for some of these archives and mementos. S

Radio-activism: Everyone Is Photogenic


I’ve got another flashback for you as JJ Tiziou Photography celebrates its 10yr anniversary: How one simple invitation and one intense weekend in Florida set me on a path that I never could have expected… …

The Fringe Technicians – Everyone Is Photogenic


As I’ve been talking about my Everyone Is Photogenic project (deadline to make it happen is 11:11am on Oct 10!), it’s taken me on a trip down memory lane. The project has it’s roots back in 2003, when I first threw myself into photographing the Fringe Festival….
Join me in a little Fringe Flashback to 2003…

The Engineers (or, how Sugru-powered magnetic flash mounts help prove that everyone is photogenic…)



In discussing my Everyone Is Photogenic project, I already told you one powerful story about one of the patients that I met while serving with Mercy Ships… in W. Africa. Now I want to introduce you to some of the beautiful engineers who help power that ship, and while I’m at it, we can do a bit of photo-geekery about some of the technical & lighting challenges of creating portraits in a ship’s engine room, and I’ll g

Everyone Is Photogenic: A story from Togo…


What would make someone want to hide their smile?
Over in the updates and comments on my Everyone Is Photogenic… project, we’ve had some discussion about portraying people that are “traditionally attractive” (whatever that means) versus folks  ”who might not be seen on the street as “attractive”. Of course, the inspiration for this project is that I find beauty in every person that I see, but t

Just some cats…

These are some pretty darn cute cats:
(WARNING: This post is a classic bait-and-switch…)

Yes, this adorable heart-shaped snuggle-cuddle-pile of hugging kitten cuteness is a regular sight in my house this fall, as my housemate happens to be mother to two of the cutest cats in the universe. …

Both hands…

I had a minor bike wipeout this morning.
That happens sometimes when you combine slightly risky riding with slightly poor timing.
And sometimes accidents happens despite all of your best precautions.
So I found myself with a nasty little wound in my right hand.
(this is potentially really inconvenient when you’re a photographer, but it’s not too bad)
But look what I found in my left hand…

… a delicious basket of fr…

Taking the plunge…

Here’s the scenario:
I found myself standing on the edge of a lake in upstate New York.
It was starting to be springtime, but the lake was still icy cold from the winter.
I wasn’t quite ready…  I wasn’t sure that it was a good idea… I was wearing my pajamas…
… but it felt like it was time, so I jumped in.
That water was cold!
It was a bit of a shock.
Somewhat disorienting and overstimulating.
And inv…

LPFM window announced!


It’s not every day that I see myself on Democracy Now!, but when I watched this awesome segment announcing the FCC’s new LPFM window, the first scene looked really familiar. It shows little silhouettes scrambling on the top of a water tower in Woodburn, Oregon, where the beautiful humans from the Prometheus Radio Project and PCUN… worked to build a low-power radio station for the local community. It was pretty amazing to be up th

Lee & Amy’s Secret Surprise Wedding…


I want to take a moment to offer some congratulations to my beautiful neighbors Lee & Amy, whose wedding I had the pleasure of photographing last month. I also want to tell you a bit of the story of it, because this was no ordinary wedding… Up until two hours before, the bride had no clue that she was getting married that day. That’s right, it was a secret surprise wedding… and from the picture above, you can probably get th…

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