Yoga project reportback


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This project will continue in summer 2016.

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What does yoga look like?

In late July, I hosted a community discussion bringing together neighbors from across the city who were interested in yoga and how it is portrayed in our society. We had a rich conversation around diversity, body image, media criticism, commerce, public art etc… and we also made a few images.

On Saturday, Oct 3rd, I’ll be sharing them via a special FREE screening and reportback event at The Cedar Works. But for right now, I’d like to tell you a little bit more about the project.  (more…)

Civic Participation: (get involved!)

This is Andrew Stober.

He’s running for City Council as an Independent this fall.

I can’t claim to know a lot about politics, but I know that while we can get distracted by a lot of news on a global level, the place where we really make our impact is on the local one. (more…)

A prison visit… [sort of]

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The other day, I went to jail…

I’ve never been to prison before.

When the US has the highest incarceration rate in the world, it’s an interesting reflection on my privileged situation that I’ve really really barely had any brushes with the criminal justice system whatsoever, nor known many people who’ve done time. (more…)

The Tool Library (an invitation)

Picture your favorite tool:

For me, recently, it was a pole saw that I used to trim the dead branches on the tree in our back yard.

But tree-trimming isn’t a regular activity of mine, and if I’d bought a pole saw, it would have probably sat in my basement unused for a few years. Why waste money and resources on something used so infrequently?

That’s where the West Philly Tool Library comes in.
(Not familiar with them? Stop by on Sat Oct 10 and I’ll take your portrait) (more…)

Radical Hospitality

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An invitation:

The other day, Chef Steve taught me a better way to wrap a burrito.

Rather than reveal his secret technique of burrito wrapping, I’m going to invite you to learn from him directly… not just about burritos, but about radical hospitality. (more…)

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