PorchFest 2017!

It’s that time again: West Philly Porch Fest!

This year, we’ve got two great sets on our front porch:

2pm: Driftwood Soldier
(you might have caught Driftwood Soldier at PorchFest last year, or at my house concert series)

3pm: Citywide Specials
(The famed bluegrass band that’s been playing Thursday nights at Fiume for the last decade or so makes a rare appearance in daylight!)

There’ll be a ton of music throughout the neighborhood from 12-6pm – check out www.WestPhillyPorchFest.com for a map, or find printed ones at neighborhood businesses.

Owen & Bobby from Driftwood Soldier also happen to be on the organizing committee for PorchFest – the festival organizing is an all-volunteer labor of love kind of deal, so it’d be great if you’d help them cover printing costs etc w/ a little donation while you’re on the website.

Last year the crowd spilled into the street… so this year I went ahead and organized a block party permit w/ my neighbors, so we’ll be able to block the street off properly. What a lovely opportunity to come together in public space!

Remember that the best way to support bands is by buying their merchandise or giving them cash directly. Those streaming services are great for listeners but only offer the musicians fractions of pennies…

I’ll be paying the bands a bit of cash out of my own pocket to help make this a viable gig for them – if you’d like to chip in, there’ll be a donation jar on-site, and I’m always super grateful for folks who support my artistic practice & community organizing via my fiscal sponsor.

Happy porch fest to you… and don’t forget, you don’t need a big festival to make good community use of public space…

Spring house concert:

Our next house concert will feature some special international flavors…

Sofia Talvik is coming all the way from Sweden! Umer Piracha‘s new ensemble Falsa will bring some Pakistani influences, and Philly’s own Adornment will kick off the evening.

It’s Saturday April 29th. You’d be most welcome.

As per usual, I’ll make some lentil soup and have some festive beverages to share.

RSVP here, or go to this page for general info on the series & to sign up for future invites on my house concert mailing list (it’s a sub-set of my main occasional update list, and gets a few more emails for neighborhood specific events like these. As always, please make sure your spam/promotions filter isn’t blocking the messages…)

Maybe see you there – and either way, wishing you beautiful music in your world.


If you cook it, they will come…

Happy springtime!

A quick story to share with you about some impromptu small-scale community organizing:

As the warmer approached, I figured that it was time to do a spring bbq with my housemates. Which we’d generally do on our back deck. But then I decided to invite the whole block. Would they come?

I know a lot of folks in the neighborhood, but not that many of the folks on my own block. There’s a couple apartment buildings, and with our different schedules, it’s easy for us to be near neighbors without ever seeing each other. I’d thrown together some impromptu flyers and dropped them off at the doors with just one day’s notice, so I wasn’t sure if it’d be just me and a few housemates, or what it would look like. So I started the afternoon off with a pile of pita and some music on the front porch…

(Playing WPEB 88.1, West Philly’s own low power community radio station, of course…)

I had a bunch of random supplies lying around…

… and had prepped a pile of veggies to grill…

… and stood there alone on my porch prepping up a big pile of food, wondering if it was naive to hope for my neighbors to all show up on such short notice…

Of  course, I knew that I’d had at least a couple housemates to keep me company, and then our neighbor Aliya stopped by to drop off a big stack of hot dogs & condiments, so we were off to a good start. Worst case scenario: lots of leftovers.

And then, all of a sudden, everyone started showing up. Both neighbors who’d gotten the invite, and others from nearby blocks who were just walking by and stopped to join us.

We met folks who’d lived across the street from us for three years whom we’d never met…

… and all sorts of great neighborly connections were made, as the gathering that had been set for “~5-7pm” stretched on till nearly 10pm.

I’m particularly grateful to my housemate Selah for taking over the grill – after this point, I had some food myself, and spent the rest of the evening in engaging conversations with old friends and new. No more photos from here on out…

So the pictures that I’ve shared are quick cellphone snapshots, not my finest professional work as someone who’s called themselves a ‘photographer’.  But I’ve been thinking more and more about the meaning of that word, which means not “picture-making” but literally “light-writing”… and so thinking more broadly about my role in both writing light into the world, and writing about the light that can be found there if one just opens one’s eyes to it.

I used to think of my main thing as the photography business, with things like hosting house concerts as an ancillary hobby. But I’ve realized that actually, my community photography projects like How Philly Moves and The Image of Yoga or the residency that I did at NMAJH have a lot more in common with these community gatherings than they do with my commercial picture-making. It’s all one artistic practice that uses hospitality & celebration (and sometimes photography) for community-building.

So I’ll be continuing to figure out how to nurture that practice, and it will no doubt involve more giant pots of lentil soup.

In the meanwhile, I share the story in the hopes that it might inspire a few other folks to do something similar on their own block. It does take a little bit of extra work to organize this kind of thing. But not much. It’s certainly simpler to stay home and turn on a tv show. But it turns out that right next door are a pile of extra awesome folks, and maybe the only thing that they’re waiting for to become a part of your life is an invitation.

If you cook it, they will come…

Fall events…


Hey there beautiful humans; I’ve got a couple of invitations for you this fall.  (more…)

Seeking input for a new project…


How do we grow in understanding?

I’m working with the Interfaith Center to create a new public art project that challenges us to dare to understand each other: to bridge differences & create dialogue both between individuals of various religious affiliations, and between those who consider themselves religious & those who don’t, so that we might better work together in building the world that we want to live in.

Joining us at the table are the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program and WHYY among others.

As we develop the creative vision for this project, I’m seeking input from my community (and I mean that in the broadest sense, for anyone who’d be interested in contributing insights into this project.) (more…)

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