“Every now and then I see a great image and I’m like, ‘Who the hell took that?’ and of course, it’s you!”

-Richard Crawford, Movement Theater Studio

My images have been widely published, from annual reports for the Mount Sinai School of Medicine or the Philadelphia Housing Authority, to CD and book covers. You may have seen one of my images on a bus-shelter poster around Philadelphia, or in one of the publications listed below. Keep an eye out…


The New York Times
The Philadelphia Inquirer
The Philadelphia Daily News
Philadelphia City Paper
Philadelphia Weekly
Al Dia
The New Haven Independent
The Daily Pennsylvanian
New York Sun
Village Voice
Washington City Paper
Time Out London(UK)
Jornal Brasil de Fato (Brasil)
The Florida Catholic
El Peridico Lo Nuestro
Industrial Worker
The New People
The Jewish Advocate
and more…


Anti-Slavery Reporter
Philadelphia Magazine
Modern Painters
The Progressive
Penn Gazette
Left Turn Magazine
Back Stage
Classical Singer
Acoustic Live
TIME for Kids
Lighting Design and Application
Airflash (UK)
Multinational Monitor
Social Policy
Dance Magazine
AREA Chicago
Illinois Issues Magazine
In These Times
ASMP Bulletin
The Berkeley Rep
and more…